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Spirit Pillows...The Rustic Elegance of the Natural World

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Spirit Pillows are pieces of art that you can literally wrap your arms around every day. Each one is designed from one of my original paintings. They are made to order and unique.

With the same soft overstuffed feel of the Bubbe Pillows, these are about my love of nature. Spirit pillows capture the essence of the Elemental Kingdoms, the animals and plants, the earth, sea and air all around us. They bring that essence into tangible form.

As someone who longs for the natural world in my heart and soul, I find it essential to surround myself with this spirit.

Animals bring me messages with their presence in my yard or by making an appearance in the desert on a hike.

I feel best with my hands in the soil planting and tending to my plants. My soul craves the ocean, it’s salty smell and the sound of the waves as they break on shore.

I hug my special tree outside my studio for courage and strength, a tree that came back to life after a tornado took most of its branches. She is my symbol of resilience.

I close my eyes and feel the air on my skin, looking up at the sky, watching clouds as they dance into patterns.

The earth is my home, one that I hold sacred and so I pay homage to it through my art bringing its essence to life.

The nature of natural fibers is imperfection, just like nature herself, so there will be slight differences from pillow to pillow even with the same design. Expect your linen to have some “nubs” as all rustic linen does. No two pillows will be identical. That is the beauty of a handmade item crafted from natural materials.

I rip the fabrics to give a natural frayed edge. In the process each one will rip and fray in its own unique way. One of the things I love about the cotton gauze I use on these pillows is the subtlety of the images. There is a softness to them, a natural feel of earthiness that I find inviting. I call them "rustic", but they are actually elegant, like nature itself, perfectly imperfect in the way only something from nature can be. They hold the spirit of the natural world in every stitch.

Spirit Pillows are made with 100% Organic Cotton Double Gauze, Natural Rustic Linen and Silk Rayon Velvet. Coordinating throw blankets are also available.

You can find my Spirit Pillows here on my website here

and on my Etsy Store at Comfort by DK Hillard


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