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Meet Artist and Designer 
Fine Art Fabric Creations
Debra Hillard

My paintings are an invocation, a summoning of ancient and mystical powers causing a flicker of magic to exist in a place where magic normally does not.  They are born of a deep inward wandering, a spiritual journey of my heart and soul. 


Remembering who we are, making a deep connection with ourselves, and then surrounding ourselves with those things that help us maintain that connection, sacred objects that are imbued with our own “magic,” is a prescription for a life of meaning, belonging and fulfillment.  It is also an essential part of creating the kind of world in which truth and authenticity can thrive.

I paint the Earth’s spirit, the spirit of all her Elemental Kingdoms, the essence of creation.  No matter what medium I employ, my message is the same—here is the essence of all life.  Here is the truth, the beauty and the power of life.  This is the pain and joy of living as a human being.  This is my gift to myself and to others.  


I am a creator. As an artist, I offer a new view of what life can be, how we can be with ourselves and with one another and the Earth.  Magic is what is needed—not the kind you read about in story books. Truth is the medicine we need.  Sharing our unique gifts is the medicine we need.  Love is the medicine we need.  


My mission is to bring truth to light, to embody it in all that I create so that we have tangible symbols and reminders of it all around us.  I offer a space of inspiration for myself and for others, to find a little bit of calm, a little bit of comfort and a little bit of light.  I am committed to staying true to who I am and offering others the inspiration to do the same. 

Deb doing ritual.jpeg

Debra Hillard was born in New Jersey.  She attended Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, studied art in London and was the co-founder of Gemma Studios, a large fine craft lamp studio in Northampton, Massachusetts.   She moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1995 and became a certified fitness trainer and life coach.  She founded DK Hillard Art, LLC in 2008 and built the DK Hillard Art Studio in 2011. 

Visitors are welcome.


"The heart and soul of my mission
is to ignite and inspire us all to embrace our deepest desires and break free from who we believe we need to be."

My art is the medicine I offer the world." 

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