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Born Midnight Collection

The original painting of "Born” is painted in deep midnight blue with hints of purple.  When I created the Midnight Collection I was inspired to capture the colors of the night sky.  I love midnight and the early morning hours.  The colors of the sky are velvety and rich.  The quiet as nature rests is soothing to me, a time to turn inward for my own rest and rejuvenation. 


As dusk approaches the colors of the sky shift to a smokey blue with hints of violet, color changes that depend upon the angle of the sun as it is setting and the weather of the day.  Deep into the night I see colors shift again. Some say the night sky is black, but I see charcoal and purple and midnight blue.  As I watch the light return giving birth to a new day, the sky turns a soft teal blue which I call “Dawn”. 


All of the pieces in the “Born Midnight” Collection are a reflection of my experience of the magnificence of the nighttime sky.


This collection includes luxurious handmade pillows and throws for you, your home and those you love.

See the painting that inspired this collection here.

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