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Womb of the Priestess

Thoughts on My New Painting

" Womb of the Priestess"

As with all of the Priestess images coming through me, this one signifies a particular phase of my journey into embodiment. The process of becoming is not a linear one, rather one with a continual spiral inward and back out again, each time emerging as a more fully formed and embodied self. The womb place is a place of gestation, a resting place where we don’t have to be one thing or another. It is the safety of being carried and protected while we grow into who we are meant to become.

A seed has been planted, the seed of a dream, a possibility, an intention, and that seed needs time and nourishment to grow into its fullest potential. As I find myself in this state, this image came through to show me where I am and need to remain until I am more fully formed and ready to emerge as the next version of myself. No seed can be forced from this place and thrive. It takes whatever time it takes, some longer than others, but the wait is well worth the prize of ones true self.

As I watch my physical garden grow, the seeds I planted at the beginning of this season blossoming into plants that will provide nourishment for my family, I am reminded of this sacred process. Some of those seeds are flourishing easily, seemingly without my attention. But there are a few that require a bit extra before they are ready to bear fruit. There is no way around this, no way to rush it. They will take whatever time they need. Deep beneath the soil, soil that I have ensured is rich with all that my plants require to flourish, these seeds are spreading their roots. They are gathering the nutrients I have added to the soil and integrating those into their growing process. If my work was done correctly they will soon sprout colorful fruit. Before any of this is apparent on the surface, there is a world of activity happening below that none of us are privy to. It takes place in relative silence, away from prying eyes. Intervention is minimal. Nature knows exactly what to do.

And so it is with my own process of becoming. Deep within the womb space there is a world of activity happening without my conscious awareness. I have planted the seeds and added nutrients to the soil. All I need to do now is trust that nature knows how to give birth when the time is right.

" Womb of the Priestess" is available as a fine art print here.


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