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There is a place I imagine

in my mind’s eye

where the river naturally leads me

back home

There is a place I imagine

where all of the fear dissipates

and the beauty created in its wake

vibrates my cells into their rightful place

I have sought this place all my life

The calm in every storm

The spaciousness of freedom

and the radiance of truth

The vista is infinite here

No limitations of physical form

Only the possibility of what

is born of true love

Colors are more vibrant

The glow, otherworldly

No time restrains me

Only magic at every turn

When the lessons of mother earth

become too hard to bear

This is where my heart rests

and my soul breathes a sigh of relief

I am home

Even if just in my mind’s eye

for a moment before I gather myself again

to step into the creation that is my life

DK Hillard 2022

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