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Bubbe Pillows

My art transformed into a hug
One of a kind and limited edition pieces

Select your ruffle style


Double Ruffle

Double Ruffle Bubbe Pillows are made with 100% Rustic Natural Linen and 100% Organic Cotton Double Gauze. They have double layered ruffles of Linen combined with Silk Rayon Velvet and raw edge finishing.


Single Ruffle

Single Ruffle Bubbe Pillows are available in a double-sided design. The front and back are Organic Cotton Double Gauze surrounded with a full Silk Rayon Velvet Ruffle.  The front and back will have coordinating designs.

“Bubbe” is Yiddish for “grandmother” or “grandma.” To me, a Bubbe represents an old, wise woman with large breasts and a big welcoming lap.  Her love is unconditional, without judgment or hesitation.  You cuddle into the softness of her bosom, enveloped in her arms, feeling safe and loved.  Bubbe is pure love, wisdom, kindness, truth telling, comfort, softness and warmth.


Bubbe Pillows are my way of sharing this essence. They offer a hug, unconditional love and a feeling of closeness.  Filled with the softest stuffing like Bubbe’s large, comforting bosom, Bubbe pillows are gifts from me to you.

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Envelope yourself in the essence of my art

Coordinating throws are also available

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