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I have been an artist all my life.  As a child I was always creating something, whether it was with paint, pencil, fabric or found objects.  It was my way of making sense out of my experience of the world around me and creating a sacred space for myself that felt like home.


Painting is a soul endeavor for me.  It is my way of directly channeling the essence of Spirit into form.  My transition from paint to designing fabrics seemed like a natural extension and a way to surround myself with the essence of my work in a more sensual, tangible way.


My paintings contain worlds within worlds.  I wanted to bring all of those to light in some way, a way that I could touch and feel with more of my senses.  I wanted to wrap myself in the feeling that emanated from each one, to take it off the wall and make it dance.


After a cancer diagnosis in 2017 I knew that there was no time to waste in bringing my vision to light. I had already designed a few fabrics and made some things for my home, but at that time I wanted to expand my love of design and fabric beyond my own home and share it with everyone.  My excitement would not be contained.


The collections you see here are the beginning of transforming the magic and mystery of my art into colors and textures that have become feasts for your senses.  Within each artwork collection you will see multiple options, both in color, pattern and application.   


Please explore and choose a piece that inspires and moves you.


The paintings and prints can be purchased on my fine art site

or by contacting me here.

Artist Picks of the month

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