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From Paint to Pabric


"Tangible Emotion"
Wrap yourself in a "skin" that feels like it is truly your own.

The process of painting is a soul endeavor for me and creates a sacred space for the essence of Spirit to be expressed through me.  I wanted a way to broaden the scope of the sacred space created by my art, a way to actually carry it with you when not in the physical presence of a painting.  


The transition from paint to fabric brings the soul connection, the emotion, from my paintings into a tangible form that can be experienced wherever you are.  

"It was a natural extension of my love of fabrics to bring the essence of my paintings into forms that you can feel with more of your senses. They became what I call "tangible emotion"...handmade pillows, throws, and scarves that wrap you in comfort and love."

Creating custom fabrics and paintings allows me to offer others the opportunity to surround themselves with images and textures that speak to their true selves...

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