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Throw Blankets

Wrap Yourself in the Essence of My Art

With one of a kind and limited edition pieces


I am instinctively drawn to wrapping myself in things that are comforting and luxurious.  It is the idea of creating a sacred space for myself, separate from the outside world that I find so appealing.  Within that space I feel more connected to mySELF, the self that is greater than my personality, my identity, my ego. 


I design each throw from one of my original paintings, turning pieces of art into a luxurious throw to wrap yourself in.  They make stunning wall hangings as well. Each one is made of 100% organic cotton double gauze with silk rayon velvet trim featuring different, but complementary designs on each side.


Remembering who we are, making a deep connection with ourselves, and then surrounding ourselves with those things that help us maintain that connection, is a prescription for a life of meaning, belonging and fulfillment.  It is also an essential part of creating the kind of world in which truth and authenticity can thrive.

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