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Womb Flowers

A Conversation From Within

While pregnant with this new evolved version of myself, I have been receiving images from my womb. She is speaking to me in a language that we both understand better than words. I’m watching her grow and assimilate the work I’ve been doing on myself to shift old patterns and give her the nourishment she needs to be who she was intended to be. I’m learning to mother in a way that I was never mothered, loving and nurturing my child while she absorbs the codes I’m sending her, codes that tell her of her own value and identity. She is receiving all that I wish I had when I was in the womb, because my intention is that she be birthed into a world that welcomes her with open arms as she spreads her wings to fly free and live her best life.

“Womb Flowers” are messages from her to me and from me back to her. They are our intimate conversation as we both evolve, waiting to be born anew. The series is expanding as our conversation continues and once she is born anew, I am certain that more will appear. A new conversation. An integration of the two of us as I embody my truth fully.

This is a sacred process of becoming, of rebirthing myself into a new life, a reclamation of my birthright. A visual journal that goes beyond the words I use to describe it. Because there are no adequate words for what is happening within me.

Listen to this read aloud below

I invite you to explore the entire series of fifteen images on my website here.


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