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Weaving In and Out of Time

I hear echos 

sense memories 

as if they were mine 

They come from some time and place that I cannot define 

asking to be remembered 

and woven into this new tapestry

I call my life  

Threads of truth echoing from their origin 

calling to be recognized and recreated   

The memories flood my conscious mind 

blurring my sense of time and space  

I feel them pulling loose 

floating across the centuries 

weaving in and out of time  

They cause me to question reality 

and yet I know what is real  

I have always known  

Now they call to me in images again 

urging to be brought into form

These echos hunger to tell their stories

and be remembered by us all

Echos are not only mine but yours

waiting to be made new 

waiting to live and breathe and feel  

As the tapestry is woven so the echos are brought forth and given life

and memories trade their place in history

for a chance to feel the wind in their hair 

and the earth beneath their feet 

The echos are alive

The question is

Are you?




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