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Painting a New Life - Musings For The Day -The Forgotten Piece

All along I have been creating beautiful pieces and giving them to others in times of distress, offering healing and a long distance hug. I knew the value because their creation came out of my own experiences as a child needing the physical comfort I also longed for. But somewhere along the way in the busyness of creating a business, I forgot to gift myself with the same tangible comfort I was offering others. I told myself I would do it later when I had time, but I never did.

Beginning my journal entries on “Painting a New Life” I even placed a photo of this very Bubbe Pillow as an example of one of the elements to include in my creation. I said that I was going to follow my heart and create what I love. It was always my favorite and I found my self using this photo everywhere.

Here I am two years later and I still haven’t made myself my own Bubbe Pillow. I still haven’t made myself my own throw blanket. And I really need the comfort and the hugs and the extra love right now more than ever.

“If you could turn a hug into a product what would it be? My client and incredible artist @dkhillard has created a pillow that I believe is the closest feeling to a hug you can get. She gifted it to me during a time of healing, and it’s truly been a tool of comfort. As an artist her work is some of the most moving I’ve seen, and when turned into fabric, then product, that beautiful artistic intention is carried into her pieces.

This isn’t an endorsement. You all know I love to talk about the amazing small business owners I know and work with. But this is a thank you! Thank you Debra for creating something so special you can actually feel it. It’s one of my most cherished items and my go to during hard times.” Amelia Walsh

It came to me after seeing this post by someone I had gifted with a Bubbe Pillow to help her heal from a surgery. Unprompted and totally unexpected, she took a photo of herself hugging her pillow and wrote the most beautiful thank you. And there it was on social media for all to see. She reminded me that the love I send out into the world in the form of pillows and throws DOES make a difference. Unknowingly she gave me a huge gift in return. It is the experience of my pillows and throws, the tangible emotion of love, that is the key and I needed to provide for myself what I have for so many others.

Now is the time for me to feel. In this new life I am creating, one of the most important elements is what I call tangible emotion. Surrounding myself with objects that I can touch, hug, wrap myself in, objects that feel like love in physical form. I am beginning with gifting myself my very own Bubbe Pillow, the one I have had my eyes on ever since day one. It was the very first one I made with a large velvet ruffle and it stole my heart. I knew exactly where it was among the stack of pillows waiting for homes. It's been waiting for me to remember where it belongs all along. I pulled it out of its bag and with my arms wrapped firmly around it, I sunk my face into its softness. I felt like a long lost piece of myself came home.

Since this year is the year of being a “Heart Warrior,” it’s fitting that my pillow was inspired by that very painting. My gift to myself is a tool to be used in healing. The key here is that it comes to life when I actually use it for its intended purpose. Yes, it is beautiful, but most of all it has the FEELING that is so important to me, the softness and firmness of a hug from someone who loves me unconditionally and will always be there for me. ME. I will be my own “Bubbe.”

My hope is always that everyone will find the special things that give them comfort, remind them that they are not alone, and are the tools they need in their own healing. If you would love your very own Bubbe Pillow to hug or to send to someone as a reminder of your love and support, the pillows on my site are all available. Don't make the mistake of thinking they are "just pillows." They are one of a kind and limited edition pieces of art - love in tangible form, to be used and passed down generation after generation.

I can personally attest to how wonderful they are to hold.


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