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"In a world that often feels stressful and uncertain, my work offers hope, comfort and beauty, reminders of what is real and true.  My pillows and throws are tangible connections to your heart and soul, a lifeline that provides a sense of safety, sanity and love."

Fine Art Fabric Creations

About Background Painting.jpeg

My fabric creations make the everyday, extraordinary by filling your home, your wardrobe, your outdoor spaces with things that are imbued with creative spirit and love. They are designed for comfort and healing.

When we hold something, feel the textures, the sensation of it on our skin, wrap ourselves in it, the experience becomes richer, more whole, the impact greater.  Feeling something through our bodies reaches our emotions, our hearts, on a deeper level where true healing happens.

Each piece is a sacred reminder of truth and magic, of the spirits of the earth and of the heavens and of the love of each one who has had the privilege of owning and using them.

It is meant to be used until it is worn and tattered and then passed down to the next generation filled with the energy and the memories that we have poured into it. 

 My Art is Medicine for your soul

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