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Painting a New Life

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Creating a Sense of Belonging

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The "Why" behind my work

We as humans have not only forgotten who we are in the broader sense of our

connection to Nature and Spirit; we have forgotten our own magic, our connection to

our own unique essence.

We move through our lives as shadows, an alarming number of us feeling

disconnected and lonely.

The greatest loneliness comes from loss of connection to Self.

When we don’t have that we search for meaning outside of ourselves and ultimately that is fleeting and empty. It’s not that we can’t create it with others, but our true feeling of belonging and connectedness must begin with ourselves.

The first step in living an authentic life is remembering who we are both in the

metaphysical sense and in a very personal one.

Looking into our own eyes and recognizing the person we see in the mirror,

being at peace with what we see, forming a relationship of deep appreciation and love with ourself is the first step in living a life of truth and authenticity.

The painting below is called "Re-Membering MySelf". It was painted as a way to reconnect with the essence of who I am.

"First we must create a sense of belonging with ourselves before we can truly belong to anything else."

In times like these with global unrest, fear and the struggle to survive, many of us find

that we feel untethered and lonely.

Our world lacks a sense of magic, of possibility, of connection, and of community.

Remembering who we are, making a deep connection with ourselves...surrounding ourselves with those things that help us maintain that connection...sacred objects that are imbued with our own “magic” is a prescription for a life of meaning, belonging and fulfillment.

It is an essential part of creating the kind of world in which truth and authenticity can thrive.

My work is imbued with love and magic.

The objects I create are designed to be touched, wrapped around us, hugged, savored, and held sacred as reminders of truth, comfort and of love.

They are meant to be used until they are worn and tattered and then passed down to the next generation filled with the energy that we have poured into them. Each succeeding generation will benefit from the history of the previous one, a touchstone of memories, sensations, and emotions.

The pieces I am creating are sacred reminders of truth and magic, of the spirits of the earth and of the heavens and of the love of each one who has had the privilege of owning and using them.

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