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Believing in the Impossible

Is anything really impossible, or is our vision simply limited to a set of beliefs handed down through generations?

My take on this is that “impossible” is an excuse for not having a clue how something that appears unlikely, can actually be achieved. We have experiences that inform us about the likelihood of something, such as someone 5 feet tall playing professional basketball. Not likely. But impossible? Not really.

There are the things that have never been solved like curing certain diseases, but is it impossible? No. We just haven’t found the answers yet.

So when a doctor tells me that a condition I have is impossible to reverse and that my fate is sealed, how I choose to receive that is up to me. If I choose to believe her and act according to someone else’s belief, then my fate is already decided. But if I choose to act as if anything is possible then the possibilities are infinite.

I have done the seemingly impossible with regard to my health in the past. I did what the doctors told me could not be done. So why would I choose to believe them now when they state their opinion? They seem so certain of themselves, but here’s what I think. I think they are so certain because, in fact, they don’t have a clue and they have to believe that they know what they really don’t know. Their egos will not allow them to err on the side of the impossible. It’s risky in their line of work. They say they don’t want to give me false hope, but what about simply, HOPE? What would it be like to go to a doctor and have her say “You know I don’t know how we’re going to solve this, but nothing is impossible, so we’re going to exhaust all resources and then some.” Now wouldn’t that be a novel approach?

If you’ve read my journal posts in the last couple of years, you’re aware that I face multiple health challenges and have for a very long time. They all began in childhood with trauma and wound up manifesting as physical disease. Working on the trauma alone has not altered what is going on in my body to a large enough degree for me to enjoy good health—yet.

I’m still here and still working on it. But now I am facing something that no doctor will take on as a challenge. They all say I have to live with what I have and possibly worse. No thank you. I’ve heard this before and beat the odds. Not my choice.

Back to what “impossible” is….

When I was a coach and trainer leading workshops, one of my classes included a section on the difference between possibilities and probabilities. The distinction between the two is important. If we look at just about everything we want in life, with a few exceptions I’m sure, we can say that our wishes are possible. But what is the probability of one of them coming to be? And what factors influence that probability?

Shifting a possibility to a probability is a matter of saying “yes” to the possibility. And continuing to say yes at every turn. That’s not a guarantee, but it is a way of adding power to your dream, your desire, your intention and increasing the likelihood of realizing what you envision. If you don’t say yes, then you are, in effect, saying no, that is not possible. If you do say yes, then you are moving the energy in the direction of your vision. Saying yes is an action, and power occurs when we add action to our intentions.

When an opportunity arises, just say yes and see where it leads. You never know where that road might take you, because to make something seemingly impossible, possible, you have to go down paths that you’ve never tread before. You have to be open to busting open your belief system. You have to be willing to be wrong. And you have to be ready to fail over and over again on the way to your dreams.

I say all of this from personal experience. I also say it from facing the biggest health challenge of my life at the moment. I am saying yes to what common belief tells me is impossible. I am saying yes to what I envision for myself. And I am turning away from those who are naysayers because their disbelief is not helpful to me. I don’t have my head in the sand. Rather I have my eyes peeled for the unseen and unknown. I’m asking for help everywhere I can and that includes going to Spirit. And I am choosing to believe in the impossible once again. It is only impossible if I say so. Only improbable if I stop saying yes.

On this journey I am learning to listen closely to my heart and my deepest knowing. I am creating again which tells me that Spirit is speaking through me and wanting to express my heart. And what is coming through is beauty and sensuality, gentleness and depth, fierceness and passion. I am intent and at the same time, learning to release control over the outcome. It’s a dance I have not yet mastered. Maybe I won’t in this lifetime, but I am continuing to say yes to each challenge because I believe in the impossible.

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Just love love love hearing/reading your words - so would love to have a doctor like that too! Having worked in the medical field for so long, we definitely need this shift in perspective this look at what is possible…and always staying in hope and possibility as a medical provider, regardless of percentages and past statistics/outcomes …. Thank you for sharing your inward journey and your art creations.

Jun 20, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so very much! I have yet to find a doctor who is of the same mind but I know they have to exist. Until then I’ll do the believing for myself! 💜

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