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A Life-Altering Shift

In honor of my mother's birthday and the day I was conceived, I am releasing the first interview in which I speak about this life -altering shift in her life. My mother was my hero and her unwavering commitment to bringing her truth into being is the only reason I am standing here today.

One year ago on this day, she created and performed a sacred ceremony during which she spoke the words that reached Spirit and sparked the life I am now free to live. Her declaration set in motion nine months of gestation, the months in which she fed me every code of truth she had uncovered on her 70 year journey. These codes are now intricately woven into who I am and the basis for the life I am privileged to live. And it is all because of her strength, courage and perseverance through every storm.

Listen to the very first public sharing of this experience, released today in honor of her lifetime soul commitment to fulfilling her destiny.

January 13, 2024


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