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Double Ruffle Bubbe Pillows are made with 100% Rustic Natural Linen and 100% Organic Cotton Double Gauze. They have double layered ruffles of Linen combined with Silk Rayon Velvet.


The fabrics in your pillows are natural fibers and as such will have some irregularities to them. 


Rustic Linen has a nubby texture with many irregularities.  This is part of the beauty of linen.  You might notice some differences from pillow to pillow even with the same design.  This is due to the nature of printing on natural fibers.


Your pillow is made to order and each one is slightly unique.


They are filled with 48 oz of 100% Hypoallergenic PolyFil with a silk like texture.


Heart Warrior Gauze and Linen Double Ruffle Bubbe Pillow-Mauve velvet

  • All Pillows are dry clean only.

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