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One Simple Act

Hear this read aloud below

It was a difficult day, one in which I had to let go of yet one more thing because of ill health. I felt ill and tired and discouraged. But one simple act put hope back in my heart and gave me the encouragement I needed not to fall into despair.

I was just taking off my shoes and readying myself to settle down for the evening when my phone rang. It was my sister-in-law in North Carolina. She and I rarely talk except for birthdays and holidays and my first thought was that something was very wrong. I answered the phone with a bit of trepidation and curiosity combined. The conversation that ensued was a gift, a message, a hand across the miles sent by unseen forces wanting me to know that I had not been forgotten in all of this struggle. I know this because my sister-in-law is someone who is very connected to her own spiritual life, not in the way that I am, but so connected that she was the perfect person to reach out and give me this message.

My spiritual path is a Shamanic one, a path based in connection to nature and the spirits of the earth as well as of the unseen worlds beyond. I am more of a pagan than anything, having left organized religion behind over 50 years ago. I am deeply connected to Spirit. Hers is one of an organized spirituality, one of the church. We couldn’t be more different and yet, she was the messenger chosen to bring me this gift yesterday. It doesn’t matter what form our spirituality takes. The only thing that matters is our connection and openness to loving one another no matter our beliefs.

The call went something like this.

She had just read my latest journal post sent in an email and wanted to let me know how much my writing and images impacted her. Lately, she said, she had been dealing with a difficult and painful situation that had just come to a conclusion. She apologized for not calling sooner, but her life had been consumed with this struggle lately. “Have you ever thought of publishing a book with your images and writing? You have an incredible gift and are so clearly connected.” She proceeded to tell me what a difference my writings and images have made in her life, how many times she grabs her Spirit Pillow for comfort and again, that I have a God given gift. I was in tears. Someone had actually taken the time to let me know what a difference all that I had been pouring out into the world had made in their life.

Just a day before I had put a Bubbe Pillow into the mail for the wife of a friend of my husbands who is struggling with cancer. I’ve never met her, but he had talked about both of them with such fondness for years and we were hoping to go visit them this year. When the phone rang and it was his friend letting him know about her illness, my first impulse was to send her a pillow. It wasn’t even a question. It didn’t matter that I had never met her or spoken to her. This was exactly what I had created my pillows and blankets for. All that mattered was that someone needed support and comfort and I had something that could help. A simple act, one that I hope will give her the boost that this phone call gave me. A message from the unseen forces that are with us all, guiding us each on our own path with whispers of encouragement.

I’ve been struggling a lot lately with these persistent health issues and have had to let go of even more. But after that phone call letting me know that I am still making a difference even now, even with all that I am dealing with, I have a renewed will to keep going. If only more people would take the few minutes to reach out, to acknowledge the efforts we make, the gifts we have to offer, and the love we have to give, it would change the course of so many lives. I know it would make a huge difference to me.

So thank you dear one. If you’re reading this you know who you are. Thank you for acknowledging the love I have to give and the contribution that I make by sharing what I do. You have given me the gift I needed today to stay my course.


I am not surprised that your first thought was to send her a Bubbe Pillow. You and your art all filled with love and compassion. I love, really love your new art. It feels like a big hug. love ya, elizabeth

May 20, 2022
Replying to

You taking the time to comment is one of those simple acts that makes a huge impact. Love you!

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