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Painting a New Life

Musings of the Day

Creating a Sense of Spaciousness

Hear this read aloud below

“There is peace in the out breath at the end of the day,

a signal to put all cares to rest, to allow spirit to do its work, to heal.”

I’ve been reflecting on my paintings lately, on how detailed and dense they are. You need to sit with them, really look closely, to get the intricacies of both content and energy. Each contains layers upon layers of texture, paint and glazing. Rich and rewarding to look deeply into.

This density requires that I work closely, creating a very intimate relationship with each piece. Though I do stand back at times to gain a broader perspective,

most of my work is done close up.

40" x 30" Acrylic on Canvas

Due to some health issues this year I have painted less. My hands aren’t holding up to the rigors of my painting techniques. But it isn’t in me to stop creating. For me it's as essential as breathing. This has lead me to develop a whole new creative outlet and the pieces are taking my breath away.

Here is what I’ve noticed reflecting on these new images. There is a sense of spaciousness that doesn’t exist in my other work and now I believe I see why. I can’t get my hands into the paint this way. I can’t create physical texture this way. And as a result they are necessarily less “earthly” and more “ethereal” in nature. When I paint with my hands I seek the experience of rich textural surfaces. I love the feeling of using my knives and trowels, scraping and molding, building layers upon which to paint. I rub with my hands. Sand with my hands. They are earthy textures and for the most part, have a feel of the elements of the earth.

My new work is showing me something about myself that I have been saying for a long time, but unable to achieve in my life. They are telling me how much space I need around me and within me to feel at peace and to create at the level I want to create. They are showing me that spaciousness in my life is necessary for my health as well. Less is more, as they say. There is a calming feel about my new work as a result of this sense of spaciousness and it feels wonderful, both to create and to sit with.

I’ve noticed that I naturally gravitate to a feeling of flow, of air and water, not earth and rock. My colors are more ethereal than earthy as well. Though I love my hand creations, both in paint and fabric, for awhile I will focus on this new path. It is helping my hands, and my spirit in ways I could not have predicted. Once again, my art is showing me who I am and what I need on my journey back to myself.

If you would like to see more of these new images, you can find them in the “Evolved Images” gallery on my painting and print website.

You can access the gallery here.


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