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Living a New Life

Musings of the Day


Hear this read aloud below

“Home” came to me during a journey in which I asked for clarity. I had been distracted by the bright and shiny of the material world and knew that this was not where I needed to be focused. In response, Spirit gave me a vision of truth, a place I could anchor myself when I felt the pull of the illusions of the external world.

I painted this as a touchstone for myself, a symbol to help me remember where my real riches lie. In my journey I was given a vision of my true home, a place deep within where I knew who I was and felt my connection to Spirit and all of creation. Deep within my cave, walls lined with gemstones and treasures, I experienced the fullness of where I live. There was a brilliance to this place that could rarely be found in the outside world. The light seemed to emanate from within each precious stone, shining with the energy of pure love.

I was told that everything outside myself, outside of this connection, was an imitation and not the real thing. Spirit’s message to me - don’t be fooled by the sparkle of things “out there, “ because they are merely projections, substitutes, for what I am seeking. The real treasures lie deep within, in a cave filled with the jewels of my own truth. It is my work to bring those jewels out into the light so that my outer world shines as brightly as the world within.

My question to you - where do you live? Is your life about the bright and shiny of the material world or do you reside in the depths and the richness of Spirit? There is no right or wrong. It's simply something to ponder....

Let me know what your thoughts are...


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