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The life of a painting as it evolves


"Depths of Heaven" Mounted on Steel

(Part of a private collection)

The creation of a painting begins with spirit and magic. Infuse an earthly touch to that inspiration and the magic of color, texture and human sensibilities creates an expression that is of both heaven and earth. That painting then infuses its magic into whatever space it occupies, altering the energy and whoever comes in contact with it. There’s nothing like it.

Or is there?

"Depths of Heaven Fine Art Print"

When it flows off the wall and morphs into a gorgeous pattern on fabric filled with all of the original energy and love of the original painting, it takes on a life of its own.

It becomes its own expression, to be physically experienced in a way that a painting on a wall cannot. It becomes another form altogether, still carrying the spirit from which it evolved. Now the magic can be felt and touched with more of your senses. It comes to life when you can experience it with more than your eyes. It becomes a gift to yourself, or another, an expression of love, gratitude and healing that you feel directly with your body.

And then it morphs once again…

Into a garment that wraps you in its magic, something that will walk through the world with you as an expression of your own spirit, your own brilliance. Now it is no longer confined to your home, but will be with you wherever you go as a reminder of your unique truth. We tend to confine our truth to the few places we feel safe to let it be free. Wearing it can be a symbol to yourself and others that it is not only safe, but applauded.

My fabric creations are more than pillows, blankets and garments. They are pieces of art which have evolved from my original paintings and have taken on lives of their own. They are art to be held and experienced with all your senses, to be cherished and handed down as heirlooms. They take the form of a pillow or blanket, because that is a way for their spirit to be physically felt and become a part of your life. You will be hugging a piece of art, covering yourself with a piece of art, gifting someone you love with a piece of art. And my art, in whatever form it takes, carries the spirit and magic of the original painting from which it was born. I infuse it into every piece I create no matter what the medium. The same love goes into it all. My dream is to have it spread its magic widely across the globe so that magic and love and healing take hold and we and the earth begin our healing.

There are so many images to choose from on my websites. Something will resonate with you as you browse and read the descriptions. However, if you are interested in a custom piece, a painting or fabric creation, I would be honored to create something unique just for you. More information on custom pieces can be found on my websites.

Many of my pieces are not yet part of a new collection, but still available for purchase. Clothing designs are in the works as well! To see them, sign up for my mailing list and you will be the first to be shown anything new. You can sign up at the bottom of this page.

See more pieces created from my original paintings on my collections pages here.

There are even more available such as "Flutter"

shown to the left, on my Etsy shop here.


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