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What is an Original Work of Art?

And what makes a piece of art valuable?

"What makes art valuable is not the medium used, but the vision of the artist, the quality of the work and the energy it brings to the viewer."

As an artist I use many different tools and palettes to create my images.

They all have their place.

I choose which to use depending upon the subject matter, the feeling I want to evoke and most of all, how I feel about what I am creating.

Watercolors and acrylics have their own properties offering me a range of expression unique to each one. A few years ago I was spurred to add a new tool and an additional palette to work with. It began when the arthritis in my hands was limiting my work and turned into an entirely new vista of creativity to explore.

This has allowed me a range of expression that no other medium has up till now. My palette contains all of the work I have created in watercolor and acrylic for the last 40 years. My brushes and knives are now housed in my computer. This does not mean that I do not or will not paint with the media I have used in the past. It means that I can offer you an aspect of my gift that previously I didn't have access to.

Here is what I want you to know above all.

These are original works of art!

They are created by me, not by a computer.

It requires skill, time, patience, just like painting with any other medium, sometimes even more so.

These works of art are some of the most advanced, most expressive work I have ever created. I spend hours, days, weeks, creating each one. This is not a process done by my computer automatically. I am painting. I am sculpting. The only difference are the tools that I use.

Yes. These are original works of art!

When asked where the original is I say it is in my computer. That's where it lives. Does that make it any less valuable than something I have created on a canvas? Not in my mind.

It is my creativity, my vision, that holds the value.

I offer limited edition prints of each image, hand signed by me. The open edition prints can be found on my website at a very affordable price point, a choice I made so that a greater number of you have the opportunity to own my art.

But, if you feel strongly about having a one of a kind painting, I can create something just for you as a custom piece in any medium you desire. You can also purchase one of my acrylic or watercolor paintings that are shown on my website.

If you would like to order any of my images as a signed, limited edition, you can contact me directly for a quote.

Listen to what I have to say about my digital creations here.


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