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Painting a New Life

Musings of the Day

The Enchanted Forest in My Mind

Hear this read aloud below

I began creating an image today so unlike anything that has come through me that it took me by surprise. Upon reflection, I’m beginning to sense the message behind it. It has to do with this bout of illness I’m experiencing of late and the call to surrender to it. The image is showing me not only my perception of the challenge I am facing, but the truth of it as well.

All throughout this year of painting my new life I have had a vision of what it might be like. Not the specifics necessarily, more the feeling of it. I imagined a sense of lightness and freedom, expansiveness and possibility. With that came the magic, the mystery and the excitement of living an embodied life, one in which my soul’s essence was reflected in all of the details. How incredible it would be to live this way after a lifetime of restraint.

In this new image I have created, I see not only the flame of my heart’s desire, but the portal through which I need to pass to be in its presence. I sense the apprehension of having to cross strange and mystifying paths and my perception that they will be dangerous. And I am filled with anticipation at what I will find once I am able to do just that. My journey can be viewed as treacherous, or it can be filled with magic. The image is revealing the possibility of both. Is it a cold, lonely journey laden with traps along the way? Or is it a magical one, where the creatures I meet guide me through narrow passageways and hidden caves? My mind is the key player here. It will perceive this journey any way I tell it to. Which presents another question: who is it that is telling my mind what to perceive?

I am sitting at the entryway to all that I long for. I can see it and feel it. My heart knows the truth of it. Even though my body seems to be the one that is ill, it is my mind that I battle now. My body is only ill to present me with this opportunity, exerting pressure to nudge me onto the path of surrender that I am staring at now. The requirement is a simple out breath of release and a step onto a path that I have been imagining for a very long time, the path through the enchanted forest in my mind that leads to infinite possibility and wonder. I choose to listen to my soul this time and adjust my sight to the lens of complete trust in its infinite wisdom.

Thank you for reading. I would love to hear your thoughts and how this might have sparked something in you. If you enjoy reading my journal posts please share them with others. Your support means everything!

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