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Painting a New Life

Musings of the Day

No Words

Hear this read aloud below

These images are coming through me without the words to ascribe to them. They are speaking my heart and soul’s rebirth. When I paint with my hands the process is slow. Now, in a rapidly increasing release and transformation, my hands are too slow to process the feelings arising in me. I can’t even speak about them, because words fail me. They dilute the experience. And experiencing this is all that I can do now. These images are part of that experience.

My body is releasing lifetimes of poison and creating space for my soul to come home.

There is a place for work with my hands. It reveals a slow burning awakening, one that requires minute by minute awareness. Using my body to create involves the animal in me, a part of me that is essential to being human on this earth, at this time. It is a part of who I am. My hands connect directly to the physical aspect of my transformation, the raw emotion, pain, the physical experience of what is transpiring. They can express that better than any other tool I have.

But the spiritual shifts, the tiny, almost imperceptible cracks in my armor, the minute steps clearing whatever is clouding my path, and the awareness coming to me and through me, that is all too quick and too delicate to express with my hands. If I tried, by the time I had painted it, I would be somewhere else entirely. I need both and more. I need words at times as well. And I need my voice, to hear myself speak truth, to share it with others. I need my voice too.

My body is a vehicle. My voice, a part of my physical body, is also vibration and that vibration can be felt when it shimmers out into the ether. When I speak and the vibration reaches someone, they will hear words differently than when they read them on a page. All of me is needed now, to clear the way on all levels, so that whatever is coming through me has a clear channel.

For now, I will say what I can and leave the rest to the visual and the vibrational expressions asking to be heard. Though my words are necessary to guide both myself and others to a greater awareness, it is the experience, not the explanation, that matters. To feel with my heart and forget the need to name the feeling - that is what matters. Feel the pain and the beauty and the heartbreak of it all. Live from that truth and let the words be only guides back to it and the images be symbols to remind me of it, but remember that they are not the experience itself. They are one step removed from it. Once the experience is transmitted through my brain into my hands, or into my words, it is already diluted, changed. Even if only a bit, it is not the thing itself.

I ask that you sit with my images as guides to your own awakening, to your own heart and soul, pointing you in the direction that Spirit wants you to go.


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