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The Call of Sacred Ground

There are places on earth that are considered sacred, some by religious groups, some by spiritual seekers and some simply because they have significance for us. The desert where I live is sacred ground to me. It called me here many years ago and I followed. Walking in the desert here feeds me. I can’t fully explain it. I can only say that there is a spirit present in the land that my soul connects to and it blends with my energy in such a way that my life force strengthens.

So many have asked me why I moved from the East Coast to Arizona all those years ago, and my answer has always been similar. It began as a health issue, wanting a better climate for myself and my son. But the real truth is that this land has always pulled me. I was the only one in my family to move out of the east when I did and the only one to truly follow the wild call of my heart. It took courage to start all over again, but I knew that this is where my soul called me to be. I had to go.

I’m not a city lover and never have been. The land where I call home is much more important to me than the politics, the culture or the economics of the place. I need to feel the energy of the land and trust that the rest will follow. That was what I did almost 30 years ago and somehow it has worked. Don’t ask me how. It was pure grit, determination and faith that got me through, along with the knowledge that I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

I have the same criteria when I choose to travel. “Seeing the sights” doesn’t interest me. Experiencing the land, feeling the energy and the spirit of a place, is what I am after. There are places in the world I feel called to and it is for this reason specifically. They are what I call “sacred ground.” Now I will admit that even though I felt all of this when I was younger, it has become a priority in my later years. All of the glitz and glamour of life have lost their luster and I long for meaning and depth of experience instead.

There is another kind of sacred ground for me now as well. It is the ground that I occupy, just me, anywhere I am. It is my space, my personal energy field. I take it with me wherever I go and it is so sacred to me now that I know I must honor it and protect it at all cost. It is the ground that I walk on, which makes wherever it is, a sacred place.

My question to you is this - Do you honor your own sacred space, the ground you walk on? And if not, what will it take for you to see your own sacredness?

I welcome your thoughts and insights and look forward to hearing from you.



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