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A poem about an image and an image about myself

I believed that intoxication came from outside myself

Something or someone

To spark my passion

My fire

I sought that spark as if my life depended upon it

Because in many ways it did

To be intoxicated with life itself

Is to be alive

I am led back to the source of my own intoxication

And it is not outside my doors

It is deep in the roots of my soul

Emanating from the earth

What I seek is already here

Waiting for me to turn around and notice

What I seek is on the other side of the darkness

That I have skirted once again

The darkness holds my passion

My fires

The essence of who I am

It holds within it the light of my being

Intoxication with being intoxicated

With the energy of spirit and of the earth

With life itself

And with being me

That is the only sustainable fire

The flame that no one can extinguish

The spark that lights up my eyes

And gives me life

DK Hillard 2022


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