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Happy Birthday!

Dear friends,

The final year of my 6th decade begins on January 13, 2022. The journey of my life and my art has taken more twists, turns and spirals than I can even recall. I imagine that is a function of a long life!

At 69 I find myself at a place in time when all of the twists, turns and spirals have opened my heart and my eyes, my awareness, and my joy. The hard work, both internally and in the external world, to create a life and work that truly resonates with who I am has now settled me into a new way of being and creating. I am wise enough now to know that there will always be more work to do, more spirals in and out of myself to take. For me the work of creation and opening my awareness is never fully done.

The day of our birth is a sacred day. It is the day our soul chose to breathe and be part of the natural world. It was the day we said “yes” to life itself.

As a birthday gift to myself this year, in true celebration of my life and my work, I am offering a gift to all of you as well. Whether your birthday is this month or at any other time of the year, I can’t think of anything more important than celebrating the miracle of our life. Gifting yourself with beauty and meaning, with love, comfort and with connection to your true essence, is a thank you, an acknowledgement of the value of your life. It is a way of saying “yes” to your life again.

Join me this month in celebrating yourself and those people in your life who have supported you and loved you. Invest in something extraordinary, a step above what you have gifted before, something that truly says how grateful you are to yourself, to life and those you love.

I am offering 20% off everything on both of my sites.

All of my original paintings, prints and fabric creations are now available for purchase at this reduced price.

Paintings and prints

Fabric creations

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This code is valid between 1/13/22 and 1/27/22
I wish everyone much love and joy!


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