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For the animals in my life…
past and present


Throughout my life I have found comfort and a sense of belonging with animals.  My dogs have been my soulmates, my heart, each one different and serving a unique purpose in my life unlike the others.  They are all rescues, cast out and neglected or abused in some way, unwanted for no good reason.  I protect and love them passionately.  They, like myself as a child, cannot speak for themselves.  Their beautiful souls deserve all the love and care, the respect and sense of belonging, that I have to give.  


In creating my vision for my art business, my first thought was to provide a way to serve these creatures that I love so deeply.  The forgotten, the abandoned, the neglected and abused and those who cannot speak for themselves, need someone to speak for them.  I know the feeling of having no one to stand up for me, no one who saw or cared about my pain, and nowhere to turn for help or comfort.  I know the feeling of loneliness and hopelessness.  I know it as a human and I feel it in the animal kingdom.  My work must serve my own healing as well as that of others.  As my work expands into the world these beautiful souls will benefit.  

DK Hillard. I create luxurious handmade pillows and throws for you and those you love.

"Remembering who we are, making a deep connection with ourselves, and then surrounding ourselves with those things that help us maintain that connection, is a prescription for a life of meaning, belonging,

and fulfillment."

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